Powder Coating & Shot Blasting Services

We now offer a full Alloy Wheel shot blasting and Powder Coating Service in Leamington Spa and surrounding areas. From just £75 plus vat per wheel.

Shot Blasting and Powder Coating Alloy Wheels

Corroded Alloy Wheels?

Don’t panic!. Through our expertise and professional repair methods, we can refurbish your wheels back to pristine condition. Our Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Service can help repair corrosion damage, avoiding the unnecessary cost and inconvenience of a full wheel replacement.

Our method involves Shot Blasting your wheel to remove any loose paint and corrosion, then Powder Coating the wheel, restoring them back to life!

Get Smart Solutions help ensure your wheels are ready for the elements whilst looking as good as new.

Shot Blasting and Powder Coating Alloy Wheels | Benefits

We believe Alloy Wheel Powder Coating is a superior and efficient alternative to repairing and painting corroded alloys. It ensures that the corrosion is taken back to a solid foundation before re-coating, greatly reducing the risk of the corrosion returning. Powder coating also offers a uniform and very durable finish which is less susceptible to damage than a paint equivalent.

Full Colour Range Available

We are able to finish wheels in a variety of colours including White, Black, Anthracite, Chrome effect and many more. Contact us to find about our range of colours.

Collection And Delivery

With Get Smart Solutions, you don’t have to worry about “hidden extras”. Our prices include complete removal and re fitment of your tyres, in addition to wheel balancing. We will arrange to have your wheels collected once you have informed us they have been removed from the vehicle. We will return them to you on completion of repairs.

Please note: our Alloy Wheel Powder Coating service normally takes 3-4 working days, so please factor this in when booking.

What Causes Alloy Wheel Corrosion?

Alloy wheels can be corroded by a number of factors. In many cases, it is a combination of existing minor damage from kerb-scrapes being further affected by loose chippings. The corrosive effect of salt present on gritted roads during cold weather is also a major cause of wheel corrosion. Many cleaning agents also contain mild acidity which can have an affect on Alloy wheels. Added up, these elements can have a corrosive effect on the lifespan of your wheels.

An Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Service can provide a quick and inexpensive solution to preserving, restoring and extending the life of your wheels, keeping them looking their best and avoiding the need for costly wheel replacement.

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