Alloy Wheel Corrosion Repair & Refurbishment

Most Alloys suffer from corrosion after they are 3 years old. A combination of loose chippings, grit, salt, and cleaning agents can all be elements that slowly contribute to wheel-corrosion. But don’t panic, they can be repaired. We can complete repairs to most types of Alloy Wheel on a mobile basis. For the repairs that are not suitable we offer alternative arrangements. Such as collection of you wheels and delivery on completion or repair at our workshop. Contact us today for a free quote.

mazda alloy wheel refurbishment before & after

What Our Customers Say

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We were really impressed with the job your colleague did on our Nissan juke and what a nice chap he was also. If also anybody else I know has similar car issues I will have no hesitation with recommending you and your team.

Dominic Rugby 15th November 2015

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We Operate in Warwickshire and the Surrounding Areas

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Alloy Wheel Corrosion Repair - How we Do it

With Alloy Wheel Corrosion the repair method depends on the severity of the Corrosion. In cases where there is significant corrosion we may have to take your wheels away. In order to have them shot blasted or chemically dipped. This takes the finish and corrosion completely off allowing the wheel to be re painted and lacquered successfully. Should we need to take your wheels away to complete repairs, allow up to 4 working days from collection to receiving your wheels back.

Alloy Wheel Corrosion Repair vs Replacement Wheels

The Average cost to replace an alloy with a like for like manufacturer replacement Is anything from £100 each, up to as much as £1000’s. In some specialist cases such as Porsche, Bentley etc. Our Corrosion Repairs Start at £50 per Wheel so you can see the benefit! In most cases the original damage will be completely undetectable. Call Today For A FREE Quote 07972854729.