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Car Paint Scratch Repair – Mobile Service at Affordable Prices

Got a Minor Car Paint Scratch?

We can in most cases fix for less than you policy excess Why using us for Minor Scratch Repairs will save you a small fortune in time and money!

In most cases we can repair minor paint scratches without the need to paint panels, or offer a significant improvement to the appearance of the scratch so that it is not easily detectable. The way we do this is by a process of “flatting” and “polishing”.

We first flat the scratch using a very fine grade wet and dry paper, apply a small quantity of paint directly into the scratch and machine polish the area so that the paint sinks into the scratch, making undetectable or vastly improve its appearance.

As the material and labour time is far less than traditional methods we can pass those benefits onto you In huge savings in time and money!

Why a body shop repair will be an expensive alternative

Traditional body shops will fill the scratch and paint the affected panel and usually blend the adjacent panels to ensure a good match. Although the scratch will inevitably be completely invisible, the repair will be considerably more expensive, in fact up to five times more expensive and your vehicle will be of the road whilst repairs are completed.

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