Stone Chip Repair at Affordable Prices

Our stone chip repairs start from £45 for up to 10 chips

The stone chip repair service is one of our most popular. We regularly do this work for privately owned vehicles or by car dealers preparing vehicles for sale. Ever wondered why cars on dealers’ forecourts always look so good?

Most car dealers ask us to regularly repair stone chip damage, as chipped paintwork often makes a car look a bit drab and can lead to corrosion.

We will touch in any Stone Chips we find and what’s more if we have any paint left over we will let you keep it to touch in any future chips yourself.

Why let an expert touch in my chips when I could do it myself?

Well there are places where you can buy touch up pencils and the like from, but in our experience the equipment provided is not easy to get good results with and in reality there not cheap either. Our repairs use SMART repair methods that are designed for minor damage work that would cost too much at a bodyshop.

You would be amazed at the amount of DIY touch ins we see that are done so badly. Sometimes they actually look worse than the damage underneath.

We put paint directly into the chip to make it as undetectable as possible and ensuring the best coverage to avoid future corrosion.

Remember an untreated stone chip will lead to Rust in the Future. Therefore this low cost service can save you money on bodywork in the future.

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Why not watch our repair expert at work by watching the video below. You can also Click Here To See More Videos