Lease Car Repairs | Frequently Asked Questions

Lease Car Repairs – Frequently Asked Questions

Why ask someone to tell me what I already know? I know what damage I have!

We have years of experience in inspecting lease cars so have a methodical approach to inspecting each area of the vehicle. We will be able to spot minor dents, scratches and the like, all of which are costly to repair at a body shop.

When a lease company inspects your car they use on average a 181 point check which is twice as many as an MOT. Vehicle inspectors are trained to spot these damages, just like we are. We can offer you good advice for FREE and should you choose to complete any of our recommendations, you we be pleasantly surprised with how much money you will save.

You don’t need to bring your car to us for an inspection, we come to you!

Don’t the lease company only take a quick look around, so why go to all the trouble?

The general opinion seems to be that the car will be quickly inspected and then taken away. This is quite often the case. Don’t be fooled though. Just because the driver has taken the car away and you have signed for it, a full inspection has not yet been completed. The full inspection takes around 45 minutes and will be completed on the vehicles return.

Do Things get missed?

Not usually as the vehicles are very thoroughly inspected as any damages missed will need to be fixed to make the vehicle saleable. It is no unheard of that inspectors can be billed for rectification. If the car is dirty, they will clean it before it has the inspection, and you may well be charged for the cost of the valet.

Most cars have a few dents and scuffs, isn’t this fair wear and tear?

Scuffs are not acceptable, dents under 10mm and scratches under 25mm that don’t break the base coat can be acceptable as long as there aren’t too many on a panel. We suggest you get yourself a copy of the ‘standard’ so you can find out what is fair and what is not.

What is the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide?

This guide is the Lease Industry’s standard guide for judging if any damage to your car is acceptable wear and tear. As well as acting as a guide for many lease companies, it also offers advice and information to holders of lease cars. We recommend you acquire one.

Do we guarantee there will be no chargeback following a consultation?

We cannot guarantee that you will not get charged for anything as the vehicles are meticulously cleaned and inspected following there return. We can guarantee to save you a small fortune on any repairs that we do recommend.