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Cracked Bumper Repair – Mobile Service

Welcome to our high quality cracked bumper repair service and other car body repairs by experienced technicians at affordable prices. Please take some time here and have a look at our paint expert at work in the short video below.

SMART Repair vs Body Shop Repair

We bleieve that it is not cost effective to use a body shop for minor bumper crack repairs. This is because a body shops will in most cases not repair a bumper crack. It is far more likely they would simply fit a new bumper to the car and charge more in the process. Our SMART repair techniques offer the perfect solution to small scale damage for a fraction of the price of a body shop repair job.

Average Cracked Bumper Repair Costs

Bumper Skin £250
Labour 5 hours £175
Paint and Materials £100

So it quite easy to see how this repair could easily cost around £500. In most cases we can fix for less than your insurance policy excess.

Using us for Bumper Crack Repairs will save you a small fortune in time and money! We use a process called “S.M.A.R.T repair” (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques). SMART Repair uses specialist techniques designed to use the minimum materials required to do the job correctly. We mix small quantities of paint, specifically to the colour code of your car, enabling us to complete the repair with minimal material cost and also ensuring an excellent colour match. As our materials are designed to keep the repair down to a minimal size, this means we only have to paint where the damage is and not the complete bumper.

We will plastic weld the crack in your bumper and fill excess damage to ensure the repair is successful. This means that there are no excess material charges and you are not paying for the cost of the new bumper as we haven’t needed to fit one. As the material cost and labour time is far less than traditional methods we can pass those benefits onto you In huge savings in time and money!

We come to you, so don’t worry about being without your car, as our repairs will be completed at your location in a matter of hours, not days!

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