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Car Bumper Scuff, Graze, Scratch Repairs

Why is it not cost effective to use a body shop for minor bumper repairs?

A body shop will in most cases when repairing as small bumper scuff, graze or scratch, paint a large area of the bumper as the materials and techniques used are vastly different to the ones we use.

Body Shop repairs are usually far more time consuming, material costs are higher, so inevitably your vehicle will be of the road longer and your bill will also be considerably higher than a Smart Repair.

Why using us for Bumper Repairs will save you a small fortune in time and money!

We use a process called “SMART Repair” (Small To Medium Area Repair Techniques).

Smart Repair uses specialist materials designed to use the minimum materials required to do the job. We mix small quantities of paint, specifically to the colour code of your car, enabling us to complete the repair with minimal material cost and ensuring excellent colour match. As our materials are designed to keep the repair down to a minimal size, this means we only have to paint the damage not the complete bumper.

We come to you, so don’t worry about being without your car, as our repair will be completed at your location in a matter of hours, not days!

As the material cost and labour time is far less than traditional methods we can pass those benefits onto you In huge savings in time and money!

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Bumper Scuff Repair
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