Car Dent Repairs & Paintless Dent Removal

Car dent repairs and paintless dent removal by Get Smart Solutions Ltd. If your car has dents, dings or minor creases, don’t panic! Our dent removal repairs are a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repairs. In some cases up to 60% cheaper than a body shop alternative!

Paintless Dent Removal – a Convenient Service

Our mobile dent removal specialist use “paintless dent removal” or “PDR” techniques and specialist tools to remove, or dramatically Improve the appearance of most types of dents, without damaging your vehicles paintwork. As there is no painting involved in the process there is no risk of colour mismatch, surface contamination or over spray. For more information on paintless dent removal, click here. We all lead busy lives and you can do without the inconvenience of losing your vehicle to a body shop for days. Yet most of our repairs can be completed within 30 minutes, at your home or workplace.

Paintless Dent Removals by an Experienced Specialist

With over 20 years experience our dent removal Specialist has seen it all. As long as he can gain access to the area behind the dent – he can fix it! We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service and quality workmanship, which is why we are the preferred choice for many Main Dealerships and private customers alike.

Paintless Car Dent Repairs are Affordable

Our dent removal techniques involve no paintwork at all, so there is no danger of colour mismatch or overspray, and what’s more our dent repairs can be completed within half an hour in most cases, at a fraction of the cost of a body shop alternative.

Minor Dent Repairs | SMART Repair vs Body Shop

A body shop will in most cases remove dents using a panel beating method, which itself will damage the paintwork leading to a costly paint repair. As it is also necessary to blend adjacent panels to get good colour match, a simple dented door can lead to multiple panels needing paint. The body shop method is not only considerably more expensive than the service we offer, but far more time consuming. So in a nutshell it will cost you more and you vehicle maybe of the road for a number of days.

Paintless Dent Removal Will save you time and money

We gain access to the dent from behind the panel, through various different methods enabling us to massage the dent out using an array of specialist tools designed specifically for this purpose. Our tools are designed to gain access to difficult areas without the need to complete time consuming panel and component removal. As there are no material charges and minimal time required to complete repairs,so we pass the savings onto the customer! Whether at home or at work, if we can fix your dent, then we guarantee to save you time and money.

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